We are committed to provide unique professional services surrounding the U.S. tax issues.

As a tax firm, we prepare tax returns such as Form 1120 and give related advice, of course. Please note, however, that is not all we provide.

We are not a grocery store selling ordinary groceries. We are like a small boutique, dealing with exotic vegetables other stores do not handle at reasonable prices. On the other hand, we do not have a sale on dirt-cheap almost rotten vegetables.

To name just a few services we provide;

Area of Practices

  • Consulting for corporate investment in the U.S.
    Recommend solutions for the small and medium sized enterprises which advance to the U.S. for the first time. For example,
    Which state and which legal entity is most suitable for that company?
    What kind of taxes should be paid and what kind of tax forms should be filed in the U.S.?
    How much of the gross salary should be paid for the stationed staff to guarantee the net amount paid in Japan?

    Utilizing our extensive network such as lawyers, we are committed to present hands-on solutions to our clients.
  • Estate and Financial Planning
    We are proud to be one of few firms located in Japan that have a capacity to prepare the U.S. estate tax returns (Form 706s). If the decedent is a U.S. citizen, or in case a Japanese decedent has assets exceeding a certain value, there may be U.S. estate tax obligation. We have handled a lot of basic questions such as;
    At the time of decedent‘s death, what should be done first for the U.S. tax purpose?
    If your spouse is Japanese, what kind of estate planning you should do in advance?
    Is it possible to credit the Japanese inheritance tax paid against the U.S.
    estate tax?

    We can advice on unique investment opportunities into the U.S.
  • Consulting for the Public Sector
    We have advised the governments of developing or in transition countries as a technical cooperation consultant of leading donors such as the World Bank, JICA, etc., fully utilizing our ample experiences in the area of tax and international business. We have conducted such capacity in Mongolia, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan, among others.
    We work with other public sectors of Japan, the U.S., and other foreign countries.

Style of Work

  • Co-work with other practitioners
    We bring problem solutions together with other type of practitioners. Those include, and not limited to, lawyers, CPAs, tax accountants (zeirishi), social insurance consultants, judicial scriveners, and marketing consultants.
    Also, we are proud to be a reputable consultant for those professionals themselves.
  • Extensive network within the U.S.
    Our extensive network within the U.S. enables us to provide local hands-on solutions. We have mutually beneficial relation with the U.S. lawyers, CPAs, various consultants, and financial institutions. Especially, our network relation is close in New York and California .
  • Second Opinion
    Why not a second opinion in the field of tax, not only in the medical practice? In the past, we have found several mistakes in the returns prepared by big accounting firms. We believe it’s a good idea to get a second opinion from other professional source in the area of international tax.
  • Flexible response to clients’ needs and wants
    In the earlier stage of our operation, our main focus was on tax return preparations. In the course of developing our business, we have been providing the above mentioned services. We are not a gigantic firm and our response to our client is quite flexible. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries.